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Smartphone holder for ARAT socket

Smartphone holder for ARAT socket

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In our Ducato I use an ARAT mounting base to mount my smartphone. I screwed an arm with a smartphone holder onto this base.
In the community, however, there were a wide variety of wishes as to what could be put on the ARAT base, and so a whole set of different arms and holders was created.
  • UGREEN fix - This is the original arm as I still use it. It's a gravity holder that's super easy to use, holds the phone securely, and you can plug in a cable too. So everything I wanted and perfectly positioned.
    Arm + holder fully assembled!
  • UGREEN vario - Almost like the "fix" variant, but with a ball head on the back so that you can adjust the angle.
    Arm + holder fully assembled!
  • Brodit for TomTom - On this arm you can screw a ball head from Brodit ( here at Amazon ) onto which the original TomTom GO mount fits.
    Just the arm!
  • M6 - A very simple classic is of course not an arm, but simply a mounting plate where you can press in a nut for M6 or 1/4".
    Just the arm!
  • 1/4" - A very simple classic is of course not an arm, but simply a mounting plate where you can press in a nut for M6 or 1/4".
    Just the arm!
  • Rokform - Rather special and I haven't been able to test the arm myself, but you can stick on a Rokform Universal Mount here ( here on Amazon ).
    Just the arm!

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I rely on Prusament ASA for all components that have to withstand a lot and where elasticity is not required. Printing with this material is more laborious in terms of printer and resource usage, but the physical properties are worth the effort. Thanks to the satin-matt surface, the components look very valuable and classy.

In addition to resilience, these components are used for everything when it comes to UV resistance outdoors.

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This article is made for the customer after the order has been received. For most items in my shop, this means that the items are made according to customer requirements using the 3D printing process. But it can also be CNC custom-made products or other individual configurations. This is particularly relevant for the right of withdrawal.


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