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USB plug-in power supply 12V KFZ Uno

USB plug-in power supply 12V KFZ Uno

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A small USB power supply for the 12V connection is ideal for the shoe dryer to work in the car or mobile home. The power of 4.8 A is good enough for a shoe dryer or other devices such as a smartphone.

  • for fast charging at the cigarette lighter
  • Charges up to two USB devices simultaneously
  • if required, the entire performance is available at just one port
  • with ID chip - automatic device recognition for up to 40% faster loading
  • small, compact design - the charging adapter disappears in the cigarette lighter
  • Output Max Current: 4800mA
  • Input Type: Cigarette Lighter Plug
  • Output, type: USB 2.0 socket (type A)
  • Output voltage: 5 V (DC)

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