NEUER Shop jetzt online

NEW shop now online

It's not always easy with a side project like this. At Christmas 2021 I started with SMaker3D in public and decided at that time for one of the best shop systems, which comes from Germany. I would still say that it is the best shop system, but unfortunately two small things changed my mind.

On the one hand, I got into their cloud because small shops are free. Nevertheless, I chose the 29€ version to pay the provider fairly. As early as April, it was announced that prices would start at €199 in January 2023, which would be too expensive for this hobby shop.

But the real reason was different. In order to get as little trouble as possible, I only took two plugins and developed the rest myself. There was an integrated interface to a provider for shipping and a free plug-in into my accounting for accounting. Unfortunately, both extensions gave up the service several times and then I sat there and created my package labels manually and after a lot of trouble I then transferred my invoices programmed myself.

So if I then have to pay €199 plus the success fees for an absolutely unreliable solution in a German cloud, then my enthusiasm ends here and I have chosen the second major provider. Everything set up from scratch and now brought online almost overnight. I apologize for the initial disturbances, but in my "little one" I can't handle a professional migration for weeks. In addition, I have incorporated the first 6 months of experience in portfolio development.

Oh yes .. some fields are only gradually being filled and most of the product photos are being recreated.

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