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Piping adapter for VW California

Piping adapter for VW California

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On a VW T6 California you have a piping strip on both sides for all kinds of accessories. Unfortunately, the piping does not correspond to the dimensions that are usual in camping areas. So if you want to use a standard tarpaulin as a sun sail, you need an adaptation here.
Instead of long, rigid aluminum profiles or complex double piping, I designed these small piping adapter stones for our sun sail, which remain permanently on the sun sail.
On our T6 we usually needed 5 pieces for a well tensioned sun sail. A watertight seal is therefore not possible. The stones clamp well on the fabric piping and slide well into the piping channel on the VW T6.
  • include 1 adapter
  • 7mm piping diameter (incl. fabric)

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I rely on Prusament ASA for all components that have to withstand a lot and where elasticity is not required. Printing with this material is more laborious in terms of printer and resource usage, but the physical properties are worth the effort. Thanks to the satin-matt surface, the components look very valuable and classy.

In addition to resilience, these components are used for everything when it comes to UV resistance outdoors.

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