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Table spacer for swivel tables in motorhomes

Table spacer for swivel tables in motorhomes

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In our Knaus there is a great rotary table that offers enough space for everyone. Initially, our biggest concern was that it wasn't stable enough when it was unfolded. In fact, it has already ripped out several times while the children have their legs wedged under the table, since the lever works the same way.
In order to be able to fix the table securely and stably while driving, I designed two E-clamps and a few spacers here. However, the E-spacer alone is the perfect fixation and, according to our own tests, is completely sufficient.
  • includes 1x clamp (30mm plates - 9mm distance)
  • We use 3 of these brackets at our table, but maybe 2 will do just fine

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About this stuff

I rely on Prusament PETG for all components that have to be stable and elastic. For example with clamps. Printing with this material is very reliable and the material is not as expensive as other materials. That's why I tend to use it for almost everything that doesn't require structural rigidity or would even be a hindrance. The good properties during production have a positive effect on the price. The high-gloss surface looks more plastic than other matt materials.

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Terracotta Light

Ultramarine Blue

urban grey


This material does not have a fixed color and is more likely to be described as a warm brown black. It is made from PETG leftovers.

Legal Information

This article is made for the customer after the order has been received. For most items in my shop, this means that the items are made according to customer requirements using the 3D printing process. But it can also be CNC custom-made products or other individual configurations. This is particularly relevant for the right of withdrawal.


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